Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Can I adjust my own back

A lot of times patients and people I know will explain how they "pop" their own back or neck by stretching their bodies in an extreme way. They want to know if this is similar to what I do. I have to tell them that it is not. The sound they hear is just like the sound when you crack you knuckles but it is different than what I do as a chiropractor.
When I adjust them I am moving the bone that has been stuck or fixated for a long period of time and doesn't move freely. Since a poping sound occurs frequently when I make an adjustment they naturally equate the two but there really is a difference. When a patient moves their neck or back and a sound occurs it is from a joint that is already moving well on it own and not the one causing the problems. This is really an important point that many people don't understand. So there really is a big difference between what I do and what a person thinks they do on their own.
Also cracking your knuckles does not cause your joints to grow that was just story your parents told you to get you to stop doing it because the sound annoyed them.

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